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There is a popular saying that there is time for everything. This is also true for fashion as much as it applies to everything else in life. Fashion can be divided into different seasons which, sometimes can be a little difficult to keep up with. The fashion seasons can be divided into 4 seasons including fall(or winter/autumn), summer/spring, resort and pre-fall and the two major seasons are winter/fall and spring-summer. In this post, we will be looking at the seasonal collections of one of the best online marketplaces, Afrik Empire.


Fall or winter collections starts around July. Fall clothing takes pride in earthy colors (which depend majorly on the fashion trend), long sleeves, heavier fabrics and light outwear. Afrik empire offers weather appropriate clothing for consumers during this season.


These fashion seasons are not as major as fall/winter or spring/summer seasons. You would see the resort collection usually around June and the pre-fall collection around December. During these seasons, designers and big fashion brands usually hold shows to showcase their resort and prefall collections. At Afrik empire these collections are on sale almost as soon as designers release their attires.


The summer and spring collection comes in even before the snow melts completely. Most people find it confusing because summer collections are sold during January when it’s still cold but this is major because retailers want to put out these collections way before the seasons finally set in. This season usually starts around January and runs till June. The spring season collection offers lighter clothes that protect you from the heat and sun. The clothes are breezy and are easy to put on.

In conclusion
Afrik empire is no doubt of the fastest growing online marketplaces and it offers African attires for all the fashion seasons. So if you are in search of a place to buy African fashion for any of the seasons, Afrik Empire is your best choice.

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