African dolls

There was a time where there were only white dolls with long, blond curly hair and impossibly tiny waists that were so popular and that made young kids especially girls wish they have that type of body. Today there are numerous doll manufacturing brands that are trying to change that narrative. In this article, we will be looking at the top 5 brands that sell/manufacture African dolls for kids in Canada and the US.

  1. Pretty Brown Girls

This brand was founded by Mrs Sheri Crawley. Mrs Sheri was looking to buy a doll at an American doll store while she was shopping for her youngest daughter’s birthday and she noticed that none of the girls chose a brown doll including her own daughters. That little incident caused a big spark and soon Mrs Sheri and her husband created the pretty brown girl movement that offers events and programs for women of color. This brand sells African dolls to fund the movement.

2. Queens of Africa

The queen of African dolls was the first Nigerian fashion doll designed to empower African children. Their dolls are made for children and teens who are imaginative and love fashion. They provide parents with the chance to help their children embrace their historic African roots and other cultural experiences that Africa offers the global community. Each doll is made to represent a major Nigerian ethnic group with stunning African and Western attires.

3. Positively Perfect Dolls

DR. Lisa Williams, the founder of positively perfect dolls initially turned down the offer to start a line of dolls. As one of the first African- American to receive a PhD college of business in Ohio University, toys were not really her area of expertise. This was until she saw a segment on CNN on how young black girls reacted to black dolls, this experience changed her mind. Since then she decide to manufacture dolls for minority children. 

4. My Brown Doll

Formally known as “My black doll”, My brown doll is a Dutch-based brand that offers a wide range of dolls for ages 0-12. This brand is not black-owned but the founder, Sigrid Wijngaards started this brand when she could not find any black doll for her black step-daughter. In an interview with Good Girls Company, she said that her step-daughter said she wanted “long -blow-in-the -wind -hair” and Sigrid wanted her step-daughter to know how beautiful she is, hence the brand.

5. Natural Girls United

The goal of natural girls united is to help women and children of all ages to discover their own beauty. This brand offers a wide range of dolls with unique hairstyles “from twist outs, braided updos, chunky locks to Afros. they also offer a wide range of dolls with different hair textures. The brand was founded by Karen Bryrd.

 In conclusion

It is very encouraging to see brands create dolls that represent the African child. It is very important for young girls to see their beauty and friends reflected through the dolls they use.

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