African Accessories

African fashion is the trend and looking at what the African continent has displayed, this is no surprise. While clothes take the center stage, accessories also play a major role in the overall look of an outfit. In this article, we will be looking at some of the top 5 African accessories brands.


This brand is known to be created for bold and courageous women, which is understandable. The brand comprises a wide range of wild neckpieces carefully handcrafted and inspired by “African/Middle Eastern Ornamentation”. The head designer, Katherine-Mary Pichulik is a rope sculptor who uses locally manufactured ropes and other interesting materials to create her jewellery. This brand is not for the faint of heart.


Anita Quansah’s head and neckpieces never fail to light up the runway with the type of energy that deserves a round of applause. Her look-books offer a variety of detailed and lavishly trimmed frills, feathers with colorfully decorated hand beads. Her pieces make strong statements and are designed with an armour-like look in mind. Each piece brings in a variety of unexpected elements, precious stones and rare African beads which creates a playful, expressive and unusual piece of “art”.


This brand creates the most beautiful jewellery from brass as well as a variety of other interesting materials. Some of these materials include pearls, leather, black tourmaline and other precious stones. Ami pays close attention to details from outlining the design to actually creating them. Her statement-making neckpieces continue to explore and push the boundaries of accessories and jewellery in the industry.


If you are a fan of colorful beads, neckpieces and beaded baskets, this is the brand for you. This brand is not afraid to explore the cultural adornments of any culture they can lay their hands on. Wearing any of these pieces will make you stand out not just from the color but also from the intricate designs of the pieces. The proceeds from this brand go to the “Deborah Fadebi Foundation” which was also founded by Ms Lola Beads. The foundation supports families in different communities who are struggling with the devastating effects of the pandemic.


This brand was founded by a couple in 2009. The brand was inspired by antique shopping, travelling, flowers, birds and so many other things. Recently turned into a design studio, the jewelry design and manufacturing studio creates beautiful pieces and focuses on geometric lines in contemporary jewelry.

In conclusion

The African accessories industry is no joke and is not for the faint of heart. These designers are creating one of a kind iconic pieces and we cannot wait to see what more the African continent has to offer.

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