5 African Luxury Brands To Patronize If You “Manage” To Survive Squid Game

Squid Game African Fashion

Unless you have been living on a remote island lately, the chances that you have heard of and have subsequently become obsessed with Squid Game is high, and there’s probably a good reason why. The money involved is one of the most interesting features in the squid game series. The story is about cash-strapped Korean players who accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games for a sum of 45.6 billion won ($38,122,800). The only downside is when a player loses, the player dies.

African luxury brands are taking the world by storm and this is no longer a surprise because designers from the African continent have been pushing the boundaries and creating masterpieces and the world is finally giving them the deserved attention. In this article, we will be looking at some of the most expensive African Luxury brands you can purchase from if you manage to win Squid Game.

1. Rich Mnisi (South Africa)

The brand was born from Rich Mnisi’s desire to connect deeper with his unique culture and heritage and tell a compelling story through his art.

Rich Mnisi is known for his gender-defying designs from south Africa. He won the

Designer of the year honor at the 2019 Essence Best in Black Fashion Awards. He is an all-around designer and model.

2. Don Murphy (Cameroon)

Don Murphy

Designed for those who intend to turn into a “Don”, Don Morphy is a Cameroon brand that specializes in custom suits and t-shirts. The luxury brand has dressed clients which include T.D Jakes, rapper Mike Jones and Emmitt Smith.

3. Thebe Magugu (South Africa)

Thebe Magugu
Thebe Magugu RTW Fall 2021

Thebe Magugu is a South African luxury brand that continues to spread the gospel of the African fashion industry to the rest of the world. Known for his fiercely feminine designs, Magugu’s garments have featured on Beyonce’s Black Is King visual film, Vogue’s Italia magazine editions as well as worn by Hollywood actress and producer, Issa Rae on “insecure”.

4. Inga Atelier (South Africa)

Inga Atelier

Founded by Inga Gubeka, Inga Atelier is a South African luxury leather accessories brand where all the items are handmade. From leather bags to leather belts, Inga Atelier produces some of the best handmade items.

They’ve just launched a new collection called “UMENDO” which is now available for purchase.

5. Tongoro (Senegal)


This brand focuses on offering playful and unique designs to its customers. Having only been around for three years, the Senegalese brand, Tongoro has managed to grab the attention of Beyonce. She has been seeing wearing five different pieces from the designer, including in her Black Is King visual album, making this brand one of the top African luxury brands.

In conclusion

After my research, I can’t definitively say whether or not participating in Squid Game is worth that 45.6 billion won prize. You will be able to comfortably pay off your own personal debts and expenses and still have a little more than “change” left but is it really worth it? On the bright side if you do win you get to patronize these amazing African luxury brands.

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