Africans are most easily identifiable by what we wear. It is amazing what African designers are creating out of the Ankara fabric these days. The designs we have these days are chic and they make anyone and everyone look stunning. In this article, we will be looking at some of the top 10 must-have Ankara styles for 2021.

1. High Low Ankara Design

The high-low dress is one of the most visually attractive attire. You can wear it to brunch, office cocktails, weddings, date nights, or casual outings with your friends. You can also match it with heels or just regular shoes and still look stunning.

2. Long Gown With Numerous Prints

Ankara fashion offers interesting and eye-catching gowns with various prints. Both elements can be of the same color and have a similar pattern.

3. Long Split Ankara Style

This fitting outfit is an amazing look if you want to show your leg and thighs and still appear elegant. The beauty of this African print clothing is that you can rock both flats and high-heels.

4. Ankara Gown With Voluminous Sleeves

Voluminous sleeves look great when added to any design. You can make sleeves of various patterns and styles depending on your interest.

5. Off-Shoulder Ankara Tops

Off-shoulder top designs are among the most common designs. You can always go for a long or short-sleeved off-shoulder top. Most people prefer wearing the outfit during the summer or the sunny season.

6. Ankara Skirts And Blazer

The combination of a skirt and top makes the outfit an excellent alternative to a dress.

7. Straight High Waist Skirt

Tight straight high waist skirts can also look stunning for any given occasion. If you like to show off your figure, then this is the best design to consider.

8. Short Ankara Styles

The latest Ankara short gown designs are among the most beautiful designs you can make. The other exciting factor about having short dress designs is that you can decide to play around with your dress design and develop something unique.

9. Ankara Dresses With Flounces

Ankara long gown styles with flounces always look fancy and beautiful. This is one of the best dresses to wear to a wedding. You can wear various accessories that go hand in hand with the color of the gown.

10. Wrap Ankara dress

When it comes to a wrap dress, you can make your fabric design depending on your fashion taste. Unique fabrics allow you to create unforgettable looks, both in everyday clothes and for weekend attires.

In conclusion

There are so many beautifully designed Ankara styles today that many fashionistas are slaying in, you’ll definitely find mind-blowing ideas that will spark that creativity in you as well.

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