Top nine places to buy African fashion in USA

African Fashion Week

This list contains the top 9 African clothing stores in the US. Our criteria for selecting and ranking these African clothing stores are based on their reviews and how much traffic their online stores generate as seen on the Alexa website ranking.


D’iyanu online African shop is a great African clothing store with the best branding of African print clothes in the US. D’iyanu is well known for selling the best fitting African-print attires for both men and women.

D’Iyanu is a combination of French and Nigerian words meaning ‘miracle’. It is no surprise that they have become one of the best African clothing stores online that is known by many African fashion enthusiasts around the world. What makes D’Iyanu stand out when it comes to their African clothing, is the quality of African print fabric they use. They use the best quality of African print to bring their fashion ideas to life.


Alexa rank: 202,967


This African clothing store is not your regular clothing store. Everything in the shop shouts bold African designs. This store is well known for designing elegant dashiki African print gowns which stands out wherever it is worn to. The shop is a complete Black-owned fashion shop that deals in men and women attires because they believe in body diversity, they carefully handcraft their designs for all body sizes.


Alexa rank: 896,011


This store provides you with a variety of African attires like African laces, African print Attires, Kente, dashiki and African Wedding apparel, traditional clothes, Aso oke etc. The attires they sell are not mass-produced but are individually handcrafted and designed by African designers. They offer unique and original attires.


Alexa rank: 1,214,861


Busayo, the founder believes in the power of colour to communicate the dynamism and personality of an individual. The brand attempts to communicate to people about the African culture. This store offers a different type of design that connects their past with the present.


Alexa rank: 1,596,485


This brand originally started in Lagos, Nigeria. Moshood wears is another online African clothing and accessories platform that gives African clothing and products designers the opportunity to sell to the entire world. This brand was established to help us learn through his fashion to love and respect ourselves and our traditions, from which we come.


Alexa rank: 2,656,023


Afrinspiration started out of the passion to promote the heritage of African fashion, arts and culture. Their products have been carefully crafted by designers from Africa who are committed to offering you the best quality. They also offer fast and safe free shipping to most locations globally.


Alexa rank: 2,661,944


This brand was created to show the beauty of African culture. They offer pieces that are made with various types of premium African print fabrics and beads, from African Wax also known as Ankara to Bogolan also known as Mud Cloth. They also offer Beddings and Home-ware made with various types of African Fabrics. Their fabrics are sourced from various parts of Africa.


Alexa rank: 3,585,872


This store is a family-run company, and have been in the same business for 18 years. They offer a wide variety of products, including unisex dashiki shirts, 100% cotton skirts and kaftans, rayon and satin kaftans, men’s clothing and accessories. 


Alexa rank: 3,906,180


DashikiPride was started by three sisters; Mirian Chinyere Ugokwe, MarySonia Chizoba Ugokwe, and Lilian Chioma Ugokwe who were born and raised in Nigeria. DashikiPride started in the summer of 2014 because they wanted to keep their African upbringing alive even after moving to the US. They hope to share and educate the world about their beautiful African culture.


Alexa rank: 5,091,421

In conclusion

Most of the stores listed are black-owned and that is inspiring because they can best represent the African culture. We hope this post has helped you in selecting a store to purchase your online African clothing. If you know of any store we have omitted, kindly add it to the comment section below.

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